how we can help your project to gain traction and prepare for a great future





We help you to define the ideal Specification and configuration of your product. We take in consideration your market, target price, desired client and other wishes. Our team is very diversified and we count on experienced but still young and connected specialists.





We use the most sophisticated tools to built up your dream product. Our employees are qualified by the best institutions in Switzerland and abroad. It runs not only on qualification but also on experience! Our team has developed a huge range of products from house hold appliances to medical going through projects on aircraft galleys. We can do it!





It’s crucial for the project and stakeholders that prototype can show a trustworthy design. We have a great network of prototype makers that can delivery mechanical, outlooks, electronical, software everything needed to deliver A fully functional prototype.




We can help you with all aspects of your product and in any stage. We have helped to develop products that started on a piece of paper but also to fix products that were already produced and sold for years. We can offer services tailored to your needs, just ask us!

Some of our recent projects include (but not only): optimization of injection molding process at chinese factories.  Beverage extraction optimization. Hydraulic system improvement. Re-certification and Standard Check for classification following IEC requirements. We even work on projects in the airline industry. Optimization of water heating systems for toilets. Patent Research and Risk Analisys. We have many projects that run confidentiality and we will do our best to meet your demands.





When it comes to mass production quality must be king. But to reach excellence the production has to be throughly thought and planned. We will help the supplier to understand clients products and demand, we will check tooling and injection. Everything to make a smoothly transition from ideation to industrialization. Our project management team has years of experience in dealing with suppliers all over the globe and we can suggest reliable partners for different products